Plano Eye Clinic - leaving Collin Creek Mall "in the dust"!
The reconstruction process of the former site of Collin Creek Mall has begun.  Dirt will be flying for several years making it necessary for the previous businesses in the mall to move elsewhere.  Only JC Penny's will remain.  In a few years, the site will be transformed into a development that will once again bring growth to the downtown area of Plano.  We can't wait to see it happen.            To watch the reconstruction progress, check our website frequently to see photos and updates on the reconstruction!
Collin Creek Mall may be just a fading memory, BUT…

Dr. Phillips and Dr. Pearson are not!

We are settled in at our independent offices and ready to see you! So, when it is time for your next eye exam or your new eyewear, pick up the phone and call us, or simply click on the logo below our photo to find our websites. Your records of past visits are safely stored at each location and are available for you when you need them. No matter what your vision needs are, we are here and ready to help. Select your favorite doctor and contact us for help with your current eyewear or with your future vision care. 

We are still here for you!
Mike Phillips, OD
Glyn Pearson, OD
4012 Preston Rd 
Suite 500
Plano, TX 75093

Phone: 972-985-3638
2601 Preston Rd
Suite 2064
Frisco, TX 75034

Phone: 972-377-0700

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